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The Gift of Giving

Gifts – we all love to receive them, but what about giving them? Giving is a gift in itself, with the feelings it can bring.

Whether it’s a gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, a thank you, or just a little something to show someone you’re thinking of them during this challenging time, giving really is a gift like nothing else.

Why does the gift of giving feel so good, what can we gift and how do we gift during this new normal we’re currently faced with? 

Read more from Cocoon Luxury Australia to find out.

Why does the gift of giving feel so good? 

According to psychology research, giving to others promotes social connection and feelings of belonging and happiness. It also enables the gift giver to experience positive self-concept, and to feel generous and valuable. 

Oxytocin (the same chemical our brain produces when we feel love), is often produced when we’re gift giving too, we see our friends and family smile, and our brain rewards us by making us feel good too. 

Next time you’re giving a gift – reflect on the feelings it brings you. How does it make you feel?

How do we gift during times of social distancing? 

Whilst we’re having to social distance on a physical level, this doesn’t mean that we have to refrain from gift giving altogether.  It simply means that we can’t give gifts at birthday parties (for now), and that we may not be able to physically hand the gift to that special someone. 

What we can do though, is: 

  • Have a gift delivered via contactless delivery 
  • Send a gift via post 
  • Send an e-gift, virtual gift or online voucher 
  • Leave a surprise gift on their doorstep with a note 

At Cocoon Luxury Australia, we’re currently offering FREE express shipping.


Cocoon luxury gifting favourites 


Gifting should be thoughtful and personal.


Here are some of our feel-good gifting favourites:



Taking care of mums this Mother’s Day 

This year, it’s more important than ever, to show mum just how much you care.

With isolation and social distancing, you may not be able to show her love in person, but you can still show her how much you love her, in the form of a gift. 

Make Mother’s Day special for your mum and the other special mothers in your life too! Whether that be your nanna, daughter, aunty, sister, or even your best friend. Are you a mum? You could even treat yourself with a special self-care gift too. 

Cocoon Luxury Australia are here to help with our magnificent Mother’s Day Promotion:

Purchase the Organics Duo and receive a complimentary gift upgrade to our Spa Bundle Gift Box!

The special mum in your life will get to enjoy the Organics Duo body balm and polish, together with your choice of matching scented candle, and diffuser. But wait there’s more…. they will also receive a complimentary copy of Self-Help Handbook “Destined to Dream”, by Perth author Cate Williams.

This is truly a gift for the Mind, Body and Soul…

*Promotion ends Saturday 9th May and includes FREE express shipping.

Support and shop local in Perth and across Australia, and spoil the special mum in your life this Mother’s Day.

How will you show that special someone how much you care during this challenging time? 

From seed to spa, we have the perfect luxurious, organic and Australia made, self-care gifting options available at Cocoon Luxury Australia. 

Contact us to find out more about our gifting options and special promotions, or simply order your gift online today.

We’re here to help you share the gift of giving, today and every day. 


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